Ditching WhatsApp [updated]

[First published on September 05, 2016] I am ditching WhatsApp, following Facebook’s decision to begin harvesting data from its messaging service. Even though Motherboard claims “it may be possible to prevent WhatsApp to give your phone number to Facebook” (LOL) WhatsApp will still harvest your metadata. “Sharing metadata with Facebook still exposes users to significant risks,” says Claire Gartland, consumer protection counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “Facebook will have data indicating who WhatsApp users communicate with and how frequently, and connecting WhatsApp users with their social media accounts and broader online activity, associations, political affiliations, and more....

June 14, 2018 · 2 min · 9x0rg

Chiffrement de messagerie instantanée: à quel protocole se vouer?

Vu sur le site de l’ANSSI: Accompagnant la prise de conscience généralisée du besoin de sécuriser ses communications électroniques, de nombreuses applications de messagerie (quasi) instantanée ont fait leur apparition sur les ordiphones. Toutes annoncent un haut niveau de sécurité, laissant ainsi l’utilisateur dans le doute, vis-à-vis du niveau réel de sécurité à escompter. Donc, que privilégier entre Signal, Telegram ou XMPP? Je ne cite pas WhatsApp/Facecrook à dessein, hein....

November 15, 2017 · 1 min · 9x0rg

The CIA didn't break Signal App

The CIA didn’t break Signal or WhatsApp… despite what you’ve heard. The agency might be able to break into your phone, but files released today show no ability to intercept encrypted chats before they arrive there. There’s been one particularly misleading claim repeated throughout coverage of CIA documents released by WikiLeaks today: that the agency’s in-house hackers “bypassed” the encryption used by popular secure-chat software like Signal and WhatsApp. It doesn’t....

March 8, 2017 · 2 min · 9x0rg

About backdoors in Signal App

… or why it’s useless to have the most secure crypto system in the world, when using non-free and untrustworthy tools and libraries to implement it. tl;dr: There is a “backdoor” in Signal nobody cares about, only Google can use it. – ~ larma/blog

January 21, 2017 · 1 min · 9x0rg

Why I won’t recommend Signal anymore (damn'it)

I don’t like WhatsApp - I don’t mean the app by itself, it’s a great app - but its owner, Facebook. And I don’t like Facebook owner, Mark. Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp for a whooping USD 19 Billion in 2014. Why would you do that? When you invest such a mahoosive amount of money in an instant messenger, you probably expect a mahoosive return on investment, right? Unless it’s about philanthropy....

November 6, 2016 · 2 min · 9x0rg

Signal desktop: fail

If you care about privacy, Signal is certainly not an option. – Nikos Roussos Instead, use Conversations on Android with OMEMO encryption. Whisper Systems failed big once again. They just announced their “Desktop” version of Signal, which is actually a Chrome app. So just to get facts straight, this is neither a Desktop nor a Web app. And just like their Android app, you need a Google account to download it....

February 15, 2016 · 1 min · 9x0rg