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Hi there,

My name is Olivier Falcoz. I am a random French-speaking dude who go by the alias of 9x0rg. You might have crossed me under the nicknames of elpanzer or panz’ in the past.

I’m a Infosec & risk management professional at day, formerly based in the Asia-Pacific region and now impatriated in Provence.

I’ve been one of the maintainer of two MTB-related websites during my years in Asia; KLMBH an association perpetuating the tradition of the running Hash1 but on a mountain bike and TRAKS, a trail conservancy NGO in Malaysia. So you will probably find a lot of cross-posts here from these two groups of fine folks.

Did I say I ride mountain bikes? I ride mountain bikes. One heavy, sturdy enduro mountain bike in particular. Don’t expect to see me on a roadie thinguy but rather on a (too steep) a slope trying to follow my front wheel at (too high a) speed2.

Also, in 2013 I did incidentally co-organize the first Enduro Asia MTB race in Malaysia, supported by Red Bull with the proud ambition of launching afterwards the Asian chapter (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia) of the Enduro World Series, not less. It didn’t happen. We were a bit ahead of times I guess. Nice experience though.


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This blog is a loose collection (en vrac in French) of posts, started sometime around 2008 that I am still in the process of migrating from another platform. A real PITA.

I use it myself to bookmark events of interest and sometimes to express my own opinion or ideas and a few rants of course, about infosec & data privacy, tech, mountain biking, All Things Asian including politics and #TGIF for anything else that wouldn’t fit in somewhere.

Most content is published in what qualifies probably as half-baked English language or sometimes in French. Feel free to scroll through the posts by categories which I merely try to keep organized in relevant topics or use the archives or the search feature.


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My first PC as a kid was a Commodore I believe, quickly followed by an Apple IIe. This, I believe makes me a honorary member of the #TeamOld.

Data Privacy advocate and strong supporter of free/libre/open-source software3 I use Linux - GNU/Linux for the purists, on all computers since 2006 and all things Microsoft are forbidden in da house.

Arch Linux is my daily driver since 2015 and the couple of servers I maintain with the assistance of Yunohost run Debian. Oh, my phone is ungoogled of course.

This site used to be hosted over the past years under different domain names, on WordPress first then on Tumblr when it was cool. I somehow let it down from 2018 onward and just decided to revive it very recently.

My website is now static, contains no tracker, no cookies and runs on Hugo. The Wondermod theme is provided by the fine folks at WonderFall.



Contact me through Matrix at @x0rg:arcticfoxes.net. If you do not have a Matrix account, you can sign up for one at articfoxes.net or any other of your choice which implements the Matrix protocol4.

Note that articfoxes.net does not ask for email address or any personal information for registration.

@x0rg:arcticfoxes.net on Matrix


Find me on Mastodon at @9x0rg@mamot.fr


xmpp:x0rg@disroot.org ## Please use OMEMO encryption

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  2. No trees were injured ever in the making of these countless stunts on two wheels. ↩︎

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  4. Matrix is a networking protocol for real-time communication ↩︎

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